"You are the most hardworking, tenacious, effective, savvy mediator with whom I have ever worked."--Plaintiff Counsel (FEHA/Wage & Hour)

"You are the most effective mediator I have ever worked with."--Defense Counsel (Retaliation)

"This was a challenging case and we appreciated your your skill, insight and wisdom which lead to settlement.  I do not believe the case would have settled at this early juncture without your patience and very effective assistance."--Plaintiff Counsel (Discrimination)

"Acumen, patience, and persistence."--      Defense Counsel (Discrimination/Wage & Hour)


"This was a very sensitive case in many ways, and I was extremely impressed by your ability to get to the heart of the issues early, assess the personalities involved, and get the whole thing wrapped up on an honorable basis, all in the course of 1 1/2 hours. You just did a great job."--Plaintiff Counsel (Personal Injury)

"We were all so impressed."--                     Defense Counsel (Products/Aircraft Crash)

"Thank you so much for your perseverance and professionalism.  It is great to have a mediator that actually knows how to settle cases."--Plaintiff Counsel (Insurance Bad Faith)  
"A never say never approach."--                Defense Counsel (Insurance Bad Faith)

"You were fantastic."--Plaintiff Counsel (Contract)

"Awesome services."--Defense Counsel (Contract) 




"Exceptional."--Plaintiff Counsel Trade Secrets)

"Quality Services."--Defense Counsel (Trade Secrets) 

"It was truly amazing."--Plaintiff Counsel (Trade Secrets/Defamation)

"Talented."--Defense Counsel (Trademarks)

"I want to thank you for your excellent mediation and for helping to save my business.  We had tried mediation before but to no avail. Your ideas and approach brought rational thought back."--Litigant (Copyrights)