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     DaILY RATE (Up to 8 hours including preparation):

  • Two Sides: $5800  ($2900/side)

  • Three Sides or More:  $6900 (Divided Equally, e.g., $2300/side in three-sided case.)


  • Cancellation/Postponement:  It is understood that events,including settlement, may require the cancellation/postponement of a session.
  • There is a $5800 (two-sided case )/$6900 (3 or more-sided case) Cancellation/Postponement Fee for any cancellation/postponement within 30 calendar days prior to the session unless the time is filled;  the canceling/postponing party is responsible for the Cancellation/Postponement Fee; if counsel cannot agree who caused the cancellation or postponement, all parties are responsible on a pro rata basis.    
  • Suggestion:  If the case is being settled/cancelled, during the 30-calendar day period, consider negotiating who will pay the Cancellation/Postponement Fee; otherwise the fee is divided equally.
  • Counsel/parties are jointly/severally responsible for all charges.